lunes, diciembre 04, 2006

"Rincon de Amigos" / "Friend's Corner"

This week's corner is dedicated to a very special friend of mine, Jeff. He has been a great help especially during my last days in USA. We spent hours on the phone while I was lost in NY City driving around; he was in his condo trying to give directions.

At moments I felt I was part of the TV show 24 because Jeff "Bower" would actually tell me all the streets by name and in perfect order while we were on the phone thousand miles away from each other. It was bizarre and a lot of fun too.

Years back we used to go with Jeff and his family to the lake house in Alabama, actually I think this picture was taken there. He likes to run, listen to good music and even though his humor sometimes can be a little weird he has a great heart. Thanks for your kindness!

Friends like him are worth to have, and I am lucky I met him.


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