lunes, marzo 19, 2007

"Check this out"

My co-worker and friend from Atlanta, GA and I used to talk about art and the artistic talent we both have in different venues. I often encouraged her to prepare different pieces of arts and go for it to a very famous and reknown fair that takes place in Atlanta every year.

I just received an email from her, Judi, letting me know she did open a website where she has some pieces of her wonderful art.

Judi and I worked for the same plantation, I meant company, for the past 5 years and we always had a great time and enjoyed long lasting conversations.

Here I have the pleasure to introduce to you JUDI GAMBLE, my friend: (Click on the image)

Judi: everything has a place in time... This is yours! Congrats!



Anonymous Vero said...

SO nice!

La felicité!!!

11:33 p.m.  
Blogger benjamin1974© said...

cool.... she will be happy to receive your note... thanks!

11:53 p.m.  

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